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Vasi Therapy

About Siddha Vasi Therapy

Siddha Vasi Therapy is an integrated healing platform based on the ancient Siddha Tradition (Siddha medicine, vasi yoga, and varma) and was created by Pal Pandian. Vasi means life-force, the essence of Life. It is the primordial pulsation, the Intelligence residing in everything. It is the perfect all enlivening energy-pattern of the Cosmos and this energy resides in its pure form in our innate self. We can experience it again when it is not blocked by our habits, patterns creating our stagnations and like this, the harmonious connection can be re-established between us and the wholeness of Life. Siddha Vasi Therapy consists of varma therapy (stimulating vital points), kalari methods (varma massage and adangal massage) and Amritha Kalai treatment. Amritha Kalai Amritha Kalai is nectarlike energy and according to the Siddhas, it enlivens and penetrates everything in the universe. During the treatments, the healer connects the patient to this quality so that the universal energy can dissolve the energy-patterns manifested as a disease in the subtle body or a deeper level.

Pal Pandian

Pal Pandian worked following his Guru’s request as a Siddha healer for free of charge in India for more than 17 years, mainly in Tiruvannamalai. He could help patients with diseases like CP, Alzehimer-disease, multiplex sclerosis and other genetic diseases coming from not only from India but from abroad as well. Pal’s book on Siddha Tradition and on the unique insights of his healing practice was first published in 2008 as Siddhas, Masters of the Basics and was released again in 2019 as Siddhas, Masters of Nature. Pal Pandian has been sharing the aspects of the Siddha tradition for many years. He established the integrated healing platform, namely Siddha Vasi Healing, based on vasi yoga. Nowadays Pal Pandian introduces his system called Minimalistic Movement, or Tharsarpu in Tamil that is based on vasi yoga and kalari martial art and is about creating a new sensitive connection towards our body to access our livingness, life-force. Please look at the following websites to read more about Pal Pandian, Siddha tradition and the oncoming MM workshops:,

Borbála Kasza

I am Borbala Kasza and I apply Siddha Vasi therapy belonging to the healing arts of Siddha Tradition with Tamil origins. I have been the student of Pal Pandian since 2007, visiting him in Thiruvannamalai frequently and he is guiding me into the beautiful realm of the Siddhas. If I were to add the time spent in Thiruvannamalai during this process it has been more than two years by now. However, Pal always asks me to return to my country and to apply all I received/studied from him. So this is my wish too: I would like to be part of the flow of making more available the nourishing and transforming presence of the Siddhas. At present  one can connect the teachings of the Siddhas in Pal Pandian’s book Siddhas, Masters of the Basics (I translated it into Hungarian as well.) Siddha Vasi Therapy (Siddha Vasi Healing) is another possible platform to get connected to the Siddha Tradition, due to its immense healing capacity it is suitable to resolve many kinds of blocks of the body-mind and spirit continouity. In my vision Siddha Vasi Therapy gets well known and becomes and option for people in need and they ask for this therapy to support their process of healing. I feel this vision is getting manifested.

Rivulets of the Absolute

In Rivulets of the Absolute, Stephen Grissom takes the reader along his intense search through India in quest of spiritual purification. 

Siddhas Masters of Nature

What is the spirit of this tradition? Why does it have a rebellious streak and what makes the masters so reluctant and hidden?

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